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Welcome to the NanoMicro Engineering Website

The Nano Micro Engineering Laboratory (NME) is aiming at developing new materials and technologies for a sustainable future. We welcome talented researchers who are ambitious and energetic to work together in our team and grow as the future scientists and researchers.

About Us

Our main themes of research are energy materials and devices, and electronics materials. Within this scope, our main focus is on thermoelectric materials and devices, and lead free solder alloys. We have received funding from the government, Toray, AUN-Seed/Net etc. to support our research since 2009. We are interested in publishing impactful science and engineering findings, and developing meaningful technological solutions for the benefit of society.

Contact Details

Nano Micro Engineering Laboratory,
M-03-12, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Malaya

Telephone:03-79677022 extn 2163
Email: faizul@um.edu.my
Website: www.um.edu.my